Unexpected Gifts From The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe always experience the upper force, the upper impression on us, as something incredibly delightful, pleasurable, fulfilling, and very desirable. We experience it as a gift. It comes unexpectedly, without any preparation on our part.

Although we worked hard and strove to get it, its appearance is always startling. And inside this gift we feel love. This love, manifested in the Light’s effect on us, triggers in us an instinctive effect on the Light in return. Hence, the most important thing is to achieve this gift, the first impact of the Light on us.

This love is much more profound that than the gift itself, since it’s measured by the greatness of the giver rather than by the value of the gift. It’s similar in our world: If I don’t care about the giver, then I focus on the value of the gift. Suppose I receive something from the company where I work, then naturally, I’m indifferent to it. But if such a gift is given to me by a special person, then it doesn’t matter what he is giving me. He may give me a simple pen, but what matters to me is the very sign of his attention, because I measure it not by the value of the gift but by this person’s greatness.

Likewise we define what we feel in the spiritual world. If we are already in spiritual attainment, then when we sense the Light’s impact on us, we instinctively respond to it with love arising within us.

But if we are still in our world, beyond the sensation of the upper one, then here we must cultivate this quality artificially. In other words, we should make an effort and try to express gratitude, exalt the Giver in our eyes, even though we don’t feel Him and instead, we just feel His working on us: Suddenly we begin comprehending more, feeling more, and experiencing new internal sensations.

This connects me with the Giver. As soon as I feel that I receive a small positive effect in the form of feelings or wisdom, I must immediately start developing gratitude within myself. It expands my sense of the gift. And then, even if the gift is small, I will start feeling it as much bigger, and inside it I might even sense the very Giver.

Therefore, being in our world, in our states, we must immediately respond to various positive spiritual changes in us correctly; although they may not be quite spiritual just yet, but something is already emerging in our senses and mind. We should respond to it with gratitude and exalt the Giver, bestowal, in our eyes. Then, it develops and expands our organs of perception, our sensors.

Moving forward in such a manner, we start to gradually attain the Creator, and that’s why His gifts are valuable only to the extent that we can follow them with a deeper experience of Him after all. That is, the gift is sort of a mediator, a communication between Him and me.
From the Virtual Lesson 12/2/12

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