Quite Rational Miracle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The holiday of Hanukkah symbolizes and folds within itself a miracle. But now this force needs to be used for correction. Does this look like a very logical process, or will it also happen as a miracle?

Answer: The miracle is by that, that inside our connection, the upper force is revealed; we do not connect with each other just because. Inside our connection we reveal a special warmth, one form, that is called existence “as one man in one heart.”

And then inside this heart that is assembled from all the hearts, a force is revealed that is capable of raising us to a higher degree. On one hand, this is a very logical process. By our connecting, we bring ourselves to harmony, to equivalence, and to a greater similarity to nature. But on the other hand, after our connection, an additional force that does not exist in this world is suddenly revealed between us, and this is a result of our connection.

This force reveals to us new senses, and it is doing what could not be done in this world—true connection. Until the point that I begin to feel that the whole world is parts of my body. Strangers become the closest to me, simply as part of myself, of me. And this is a true miracle.

But each one can repeat this miracle, as a scientific experiment upon oneself, and achieve the same result. This is to say that we are revealing this miracle in a practical manner, but still it arrives as a discovery. “I toiled and found.” And this is the meaning of to find the “pitcher of oil” for the holy menorah.
From the Weekly Torah Portion 12/4/12

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