Interconnection That Affects Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from DailyMail): “New research has shown how positive social relationships in childhood and adolescence are key to adult well-being, while academic achievement has little effect.

“Scientists do not know much about how aspects of childhood and adolescent development – such as academic and social-emotional function – affect adult well-being.

“They define well-being as a mixture of sense of coherence, positive coping strategies, social engagement and self-perceived strengths. …

“Results showed there is a strong pathway from child and teen social connectedness to adult well-being – showing the significance of positive social relationships over the lifespan to adulthood.”

My Comment: Happiness is in connection with the environment, in harmony with the world. Who needs research! The world must change, or rather we change it, and we will become happy, we and not those who dictate us today from what we have to be happy…

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