A Donkey That Didn’t Withstand A Heavy Load

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: One of our friends from the virtual group was going to come to the congress but at the last minute he returned his ticket. How should we support friends in such groups?

Answer: This should be regarded simply: The Creator wants to show him whether or not he chose the right path. Let him check.

You have to treat him as a friend: There are ascents as well as descents, and they both come from the Creator. You have to truly be helpful and supportive of a friend and the rest is up to him.

It is said that one should be lifted twice. If you see your friend with his “donkey” (egoism) and this “donkey” is weighted down by his load, meaning that the egoistic desire of a friend didn’t withstand the load and fell, then you must help the “donkey” to free himself of this load, to lift him back up, and load him again. If the “donkey” falls again, then you have to repeat this action. However, if he falls for the third time then you can leave him.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/8/12, Lesson 4

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