A Blaze Erupts From The Sparks

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Kabbalists, without difference, declare the principle of “love the other as yourself” as the most important thing. They all join in this. So where does the division in the Jewish state come from?

Answer: Because of the exile, because of the separation from the spiritual force, from the consciousness of spirituality, from the spiritual force. The people simply forgot the main thing, and this was done on purpose: as if part of the pipeline through which he used to receive spiritual nourishment was cut from him.

A person simply doesn’t feel that another, complete world exists, and that there are forces that direct him. He was left only with those channels that direct him in a corporeal way, and now he only exists in this world, seeing that the situation with others is identical to his. And all the rest of the threads that connect are disabled. From all of the systems, there remains only the operating system of the lower level of this world, which from a spiritual view is not considered as existing. Actually, it simply it not there.

And now we need to unite our spiritual sparks, our points in the heart that don’t belong to this world, in order to create from them a new spiritual reality. This is what we have been entrusted with. It isn’t just to get close to each other, like sheep in a herd. That wouldn’t give us anything. We are speaking here only about the sparks that we need to raise and unite.

So you need to think and worry only about the longing of the friends for the Creator, about sparks that are in each one of them. When we connect them together into one whole, then we will have enough force in order to reveal the Creator. That is what all our work is about.
From the 4th part the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/3/12, Exile and Redemption”

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