How Can We Solve The Emerging Problems?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Viktor Kuvaldin, Professor, Head of the Moscow School of Economics, MSU, “The end of the century revealed the dangerous discrepancy between the global problems of humanity …and the limited public resources to address them….

“We all have witnessed and participated in the formation of a single interconnected, interdependent world, in which global systems not only bind the previously separate fragments, but also affect them deeply by transforming them. Practically, we talk about the creation of a global society….

“The study of a mega society requires appropriate analytical tools: concepts, categories, and language….

“The information revolution changes the principles of social organization. Vertical hierarchies are replaced by horizontal connections, established by people’s own choice and desire….

“This will inevitably change our ideas about society, citizenship, law, political power, and international relations on which the life of our society is built. This unavoidably influences those who control resources and make decisions….

“Political structures, state institutions, and management systems …lose their effectiveness in the world that is becoming globalized….

“The causes of conflict between globalization processes are in the difference between the level of socio-economic and political development of human communities, their lifestyle, and their attitude toward the main problems of existence….

“So far, globalization breaks down barriers in life, but not in our psychology and consciousness. Man is still a means, but not the goal.”

My Comment: In order to solve the problems of the world that is emerging before us, we have to change, become globally and integrally connected with each other, begin to think only in terms of WE, but not I, see the world whole and connected, and “format” our thoughts and desires from individual to global.

Otherwise, we will not be able to exist in a new world. Either we will realize this and begin to change gradually, or nature will force us to do this by suffering caused by our discrepancy with nature. Only by understanding what is happening will we be able to change ourselves and to solve the emerging problems.
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Transformation Of The Familiar World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe world of egoists is a place of struggle for what the future world order will be. Supranational communities and businesses take the place of the state, the state loses power over media (the Internet), science, and the economy (which become global), and it is forced to deform itself into a new flexible body, to the extent that the new independent formations leave space for it, while they overtake the state’s functions.

But the state is unable to handle even the functions it still retains. All the work of authorities, which is increasingly reduced to servicing the population, causes a growing discontent. Undoubtedly, private institutions would be much more efficient at it.

The state, in its historical form, is dying. A new kind of power and society are emerging parallel to and outside the state, and they elude it. For now, it’s all about the state, its abolition and transformation into a single world government.

Besides, people no longer feel as a nation or society, but more as individuals who are willing to live in any place, any country, and they do not tend to be concerned with a certain community or nation. It is evident that gradually, “a nation” disappears and “a character” emerges. Egoism separates us at all levels of our communication.

But the need for unification of all for the sake of their survival and the need for new means of unification will be revealed precisely in this mutual inner (psychological) and outer (cultural, national, and state) distancing. However, people will not find such a force and idea in our world, except the one offered by Kabbalah: the mutual guarantee. A need for a unified global community will arise. Only in this way will we eliminate suffering arising from our lack of correspondence with unified nature.

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Kabbalists About Freedom Of Choice, Part 14

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

The Freedom of the Collective and the Freedom of the Individual Are Equal

This is why the world was created filled with so many people, each with his own thoughts and opinions, …so that each and every one will adopt the thoughts and opinions of all others. Thus, when one corrects oneself in similarity to the Creator, one gets enriched …since he himself is incorporated in all the alien notions and thoughts of the entire world.

After all, if one wants to draw closer to the Creator, he must perform good deeds to justify the Creator’s actions towards him and the entire world. Hence, one is connected with the thoughts and opinions of the entire world.
[ 48790]
– Baal HaSulam, Shamati (I Heard), Article No. 33, “The Lots

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