Understand One Another And Reveal The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We all consist of the male and the female parts. How do I arrange the masculine and feminine parts within me to play the correct role in relation to the men’s group?

Answer: That is right, all of us consist of the feminine and the masculine parts. If both a man and a woman did not exist within each one of us, we would not be able to communicate with one another. Every molecule, every atom, every particle consists of two opposite parts; otherwise, it would not exist.

I can communicate and understand women specifically because there is a feminine part in me in addition to my dominant masculine part. Otherwise, I would not be able to comprehend what it is in any way. The breaking of the common desire (Kli) allows us to consist of opposite parts, which in turn allows us to contact, connect, and then unite.

For this reason, one needs to imagine within oneself a form of the opposite sex, the opposite part, and use this image to enter, if I am male, the feminine part, in order to understand, perceive, and see these requests, inner desires, aspirations, and try to be more sensitive to them. And the same applies to women.

Women very often are critical and demanding of men. Men need to be treated somewhat like children, and women need to be somewhat like mothers. This will be right, more correct.

A man is always under the influence of either a mother or a wife. We think that he is completely free, but in reality this is not true. In a correct society, first the mother and then the wife control a man. This really is a correct society because a woman is closer to nature, she makes fewer mistakes, and she is more balanced. I am speaking about ideal states, what nature has practically given us. And this is why we need to be more sensitive to one another.

We begin to understand the Creator when we have a proper connection with one another. The Creator is attained as the common element between us which consists of both parts. He is called “Boreh,” from the words “Bo” and “Reh,” meaning “come” and “see.” This is the Creator’s name. What does “come” and “see” mean? Attain this quality and then you will discover it within you—this will be the Creator. And how will we attain Him? We do so specifically through a mutual connection.

This is why a mutual, correct understanding, along with becoming properly closer with one another with the purpose of revealing the Creator, will bring us to the goal.
From the 2nd lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/10/11

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