The Global World Does Not Divide Into Parts

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are two forces that influence us: One drives us from behind, and the other pulls us forward. Accordingly, Kabbalah states that we have two ways to reach the goal.

1. If we make the force that pulls us forward greater than the force that pushes us from behind, we will advance in a comfortable and fast manner with understanding and desire. Then, a very pleasant and fast road to personal correction and the revelation of our perfect state opens up before us. In this case, we will perceive the current state as a turning point, a springboard for a very kind and good jump.

2. If we do not strive ahead and help everyone else, meaning all of humanity, the negative force will push us forward through suffering. Of course, taking into consideration our entire global interconnection in the modern world, we would suffer a great deal.

Thus, the people who have the desire and aspiration today must also understand their responsibility to the entire world. Their reward is also in it. To aspire toward the goal and lead forward is an enormous and noble purpose.

This is why we are creating a special portal now on the Internet, and we are collecting a huge amount of material for it. We are in touch with many sociologists, political analysts, and scientists who study the current states of society and the world in different regions. We see how concerned they are with everything that is happening.

Scientists are examining the current state of human resources that are left at our disposal such as gas, oil, water, coal, metals, and land, everything the Earth gives us. They are horrified because we are on the very edge of exhausting our resources. There are many articles already written about this, many more continue to come out, and we are collecting them. There is an enormous quantity of material.

There is also an enormous amount of material on education. We have reached a point where we are unable to raise human beings. We are able to provide them with some kind of education, although that does not guarantee that they will be able to find work afterward. Yet, we do not know how to bring up human beings, to raise a small child, the “small animal” as he is born, into a human being who lives in harmony, in a good connection with others as our global world demands now. We need to properly explain to people what it means to be “global,” in other words, to be completely interconnected.

I began my study and work with biocybernetics, the systems of the organism, meaning how it sustains itself, maintains an inner balance, and homeostasis within itself and its surroundings. It is an incredible system.

Medicine is based on this knowledge. Doctors use analysis and examinations to check the different parameters of the organism, which are in balance and which are not. There are special charts that show the existence and the state of our inner systems: pressure and temperature maintenance, the balance of electrolytes, acids, and so on. This refers to a huge block of interconnected data.

Our world society today is exactly the same. It can no longer be divided into separate countries as before. However, we are not yet ready for this psychologically. We do not understand it. We must develop and understand the global system and the balanced connection that it must maintain. This balance gives us the perception of a normal life.

As soon as one part of the common human organism falls out of its proper interconnection, illnesses immediately appear. Moreover, it can appear in different systems and manifest in different forms. We do not understand this yet. Scientists are still beginning to examine the global mechanisms.

Technology teaches us about the behavior of analog systems, global systems, and closed-circuit systems. As soon as we begin to imagine this in reference to human society, we see a horrible discrepancy with the state of affairs today. But nature is pushing us gradually toward a global worldview.
From the 1st lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/10/11

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