The Human Degree Does Not Wither

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam said that he was glad to be born in the generation when it was possible to divulge the wisdom of Kabbalah. Kabbalah teaches us how to combine the two forces of bestowal and reception into one, how to add them to each other so their sum (Σ) becomes a “human.”

This is really a science, a wisdom. This is not easy; it is difficult. We are used to going with the flow, and suddenly another force appears, taking us somewhere. Where to?

The integration of two forces leads to a unique result. In our world that we see and feel, there are forms of the still, vegetative, and animate natures. We belong to the animate level and have not yet achieved anything higher. The human level that we begin to discover within ourselves is a spiritual degree opening a new world in front of us.

In nature, one level gives life to another. Animals feed on plants, and plants take strength from the still nature. However, the still level does not know what it means to grow, develop, live, consume and excrete, and to feel the environment. The vegetative level, in turn, does not understand what it means to be an animal, move, bear offspring, and stay in the pack, not to speak of the subtleties of existence for “developed animals,” people who live very complicated lives.

A lower degree is not able to understand a higher one; it is a completely different world. For the time being, we exist at the animate degree and are ruled by our desires. We do not understand what the human degree is. It is impossible to show or demonstrate it, just as an animal cannot demonstrate its view of the world to a plant.

Moreover, a person who has integrated the two forces, the point in the heart and the heart, the desire for pleasure and the desire to bestow, and ascended to the human degree of development cannot convey his sensation to those who have not yet reached it. It is possible to say one thing: He feels beyond all the limitations of the corporeal body because he rose to a different level. He exists in connection with all the previous levels and is nourished by them; however, he himself is on his degree.

So will we, having ascended to the human level (let us hope, as soon as possible), preserve the connection with this world, with all forms of life in it. However, in addition, we will have completely different sensations and intentions. We will feel eternity and perfection on the first spiritual degree.

Our entire problem is that we want to receive the pleasure, the upper Light, while it cannot exist in us, and it immediately disappears due to a “short circuit” when the plus and the minus cancel each other. Thus, we have to work correctly in the third line between these two forces.

We create a correct combination: We put a kind of “resistance” (R) in the middle, through which the plus and the minus operate properly. This gives us the results of their work, and we get force from them. In the language of Kabbalah, the resistance between the point in the heart and egoism is called a “screen” (Masach). Namely in this place we receive and sense a new life at the human degree, Adam.

Then, we become free from death. Every time I want to receive the Light, I cannot adapt myself to it. Pleasure with desire disappears, and I taste a bit of death. I have nothing else to enjoy, and I fall into despair. I do not want anything and retreat. In the end, a person “dries out” because of this work, and he sees that he is not successful. He begins to “fade.” The animate, vegetative, and still natures gradually decrease in him until the person dies.

However, if we understand how to unite the force of bestowal and the force of reception correctly within ourselves, the plus and the minus, we will attain a sense of life at the human degree, an eternal and perfect life.
From Lesson 1, Convention in Spain, 6/3/2011

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