What Remains Of An Apple?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As an example of development, we talk about the ripening of an apple that undergoes stages of bitterness before it turns into a delicious fruit. However, then the apple falls to the ground, rots, and provides seeds. So, we seem to be describing only the intermediate stages, aren’t we?

Answer: It’s not so. Having ripened, an apple’s next stage is its development in the next generation, at a new stage. That is specifically why it rots, expires, and gives its sprouts and seeds to the next states. This is all so that on the way, it could serve a more advanced degree, the animate or speaking one.

So do our bodies change from generation to generation, live and die; so that in this life, we could gradually extract from ourselves a certain measure, a certain sensation, our sensory, spiritual offspring for a higher degree of human. Despite our similarity to an apple which undergoes a cycle of life and death, the results remain in this life for the next step of development. At it, we specifically collect human seeds, feelings, and relationships until gradually, above the bodies, we come to the need to unify.

Thereby, we construct one more system of nature that didn’t previously exist: unity which connects not the bodies, but rather people’s consciousness. This is what we call the truly human society, rather than our external relationships that are worse than those of the animals. We will unify with each other in an authentic human society, build it above ourselves in the course of the lifetimes we go through.

When we form this structure, it will become the human degree. All nature at the still, vegetative, and animate levels, and in between, is linked into one mechanism where only human is absent.

Until we build among us the whole, wonderful system, we will be a nuisance in nature. When our unity is built, we will find ourselves in harmony with all levels of nature and ourselves. Then, we will feel how perfect and beautiful all of nature is.

This is what we must come to. It is the final stage of our evolution. From generation to generation, we undergo the disintegration phase, like an apple, and give our life for the generations that follow us. It is all so that in every lifetime we could build up the desire that someday will be one.

Everyone donates thoughts and emotions from his failures and achievements, a contribution to the human degree, the construction of which will finally become completed. This degree is present in our consciousness since man differs from beasts specifically by having a mind, understanding, attainment, and wisdom.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/1/2011, “Peace in the World”

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