There Is No Backstairs Way Up

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt’s the student’s job to seek how to cleave to the teacher. And it’s definitely not about worshiping and honoring him, but rather about taking his point of view. This is something totally different and relates to spirituality.

Yet, it is somewhat dangerous since you may think that you follow the teacher while, in fact, you listen to your ego instead. Therefore, you need to do an internal assessment: What is your opinion and that of the teacher, and how do you set and evaluate one against the other?

Then you scrutinize what you do and do not agree with it. And in the area where you clearly can’t agree with the teacher’s view, you happily grab this disagreement and start implementing it in your life. That’s what it means to accept the teacher’s point of view.

If you didn’t have something that differed with your opinion and which you had to suppress, it isn’t a real choice. You must be aware of what you are not in agreement with and what you would do differently!

If there aren’t these two versions, when you want to do something one way but are forced to do absolutely the opposite, there is no faith above reason. Only when you know for sure how the teacher would like you to act, but still wish to do the opposite, you receive a chance to act above your own reason.

After all, in order to come to equivalence of form, you have to know its opposite. Only then will you know for sure what this equivalence is like. In fact, the equivalence is always opposite to my form and goes against my perception. As for me, it’s as if while standing on my own opinion, at the same time I am above it. I am resisting myself and cultivate a new, higher mind within me.

There’s nothing we can do about this: This is the law of nature. The upper one stays on his rung and the lower on his. In order to ascend to a higher degree, you must accept the thought of the upper one by faith above reason. And of course you may think he is acting strangely and doesn’t understand it all. But does it really matter for your spiritual progress how well you understand what he does?

You don’t have any other chance to rise to the next degree other than with the help of the teacher, the upper one, whom the Creator has placed against you. And there is no room for any compromises or backstairs in it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/11, Shamati #25

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  1. This klippa was group related. (It is less an effort, to accept the truth stated by the ancient sages, than to make one’s, the truth stated by the sages of our generation)

    No middle line, just bumping from one to another like a balloon played by crazy winds.

    I equated, as much as I could, on the upper: What would I do if I was in that degree, with the story that is written in this degree? So it came again pretty obvious. Sure. Protect the wisdom. Nothing to add nothing to retrieve. And you will do as you are told or else leave. This is an almost 6000 years old desire, with many wicked childs, but still am Israel chai. It is not for no reason.

    I listened very closely Lech Lecha. And 10 times at least my ego started lashing at the upper, looking for any possible misunderstanding to be created and inflated from the words, looking for confirmations of evilness, promoting possible scandals etc.. And then 10 times some angel shut it up and said: listen, see, undertstand, get the intention. Go over it without discussion. And the resulting thoughts were accepted.

    I dont know enough to agree or disagree in spirituality.

    It is not about honoring or being superficial, but rather, as you said, following the path. Once again I say that I am sorry for the disturbance, as even if some good may come out from it because of Him, it was …strange and mostly meant, above me, at separation, as you said.

    In short: what is difficult is the separation between spirituality and corporeality, such as: “I do this in corporeality because I am in spirituality”, “and corporeality is if no matter at all”, “yet corporeality is important for correction”, “yet it is important for dissemination”, ” but spirituality only matters”, “yet we can do nothing in corporeality it is a world of consequence”.

    All of these are opposite statements. Each of them annulling the other. Therefore a mind shifting from egoism to over reason, may easily run crazy over them.

    The only way to unify them all in one truth is to effectively be in spirituality with the big picture. And there comes the question: “do I have a sufficient spiritual background under my shoes to see and decide what should and what should not be done at best with all those desires?

    As of me the answer is: no. I’d rather pick up the pole than fight the snake, the fox and the dogs. Been there done that. do and hear. Good enough. Fly up.

    I trust you rav, you are the teacher with some critical wisdom you extracted from the hands of the sages, and avoided letting it fall in the hands of ignorants.That’s it. This klippa is corrected for good.

    HaKol Tuv

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