The Exit From The Labyrinth Of Suffering

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe science of Kabbalah revealed itself to us from time immemorial. In essence, it’s the first science discovered by humankind in the form of teaching about the structure of the world. However, much like it is today, in all previous generations, the majority of people didn’t need it because their ego was still evolving. We went through all these reincarnations, developing from generation to generation, and life seemed good. We were constantly striving to new achievements, desiring to fulfill ourselves with greater pleasures.

The wisdom of Kabbalah said thousands of years ago that this pursuit of pleasure is only a race for the internal engine working within us and it doesn’t give us true fulfillment. Everything is false; we are simply playing with our desires, with these fleeting, instantly disappearing pleasures. What’s the point in it all?

Nonetheless, people didn’t want to hear that. Only a few wondered about the meaning of life: What is the purpose of life, this race between birth and death? These few people were developing the wisdom of Kabbalah more and more. They discovered that in fact, this game which our ego, our nature, plays with us is just a deadly game; they discovered that we happened to fall into a meat grinder that grinds us, constantly pushing us to undesirable actions: either pleasures that we cannot refuse or sufferings that we try to escape from.

Thus, under the influence of these two forces, pleasure and suffering, I am constantly running like a small animal. They beat me, I run away to avoid blows. They show me pleasure, I rush to it. I end my life, filling my days with this race.

Observing such development of humanity, these people looked for a way out of this senseless race, until they discovered that this entire process has an end. They realized that we don’t live in an endless flow of life between the two forces, good and evil, in the eternal pursuit of pleasures and escape from endless suffering, trying to improve our lives and avoid evil. They found that finally we came to the completion of this development.

This completion is taking place precisely today, after a long process of human evolution. We are the first generation that, after a number of reincarnations and as a result of the development of all past generations, is beginning to understand what happens to them.

We begin to recognize that we have reached a certain satiation, and many people have become disappointed by this race. Although they don’t realize that during their whole life they are chasing after pleasures and running away from sufferings, they do feel frustration and plunge into depression. Many people are beginning to understand that this is madness, not life: to come to this world because of some race and then leave it as if they entered a casino, gambled, and left having done nothing because they were forced to run from pain and chase after pleasures.

Hence, they come to the understanding that evidently this isn’t so because nothing in nature happens without purpose. Everything in it is precisely determined by the order of cause and effect, and apparently this entire process is dictated by the law of development which should lead us to a certain goal.

Although this process is very long and seems illogical, in truth, a special inner logic is hidden in it: We must recognize the evil inherent in our nature in order to obtain the good from it. The possibility to reach this goodness appears nowadays if we accelerate the recognition of evil.

That’s why the science of Kabbalah has been revealed, so we don’t advance as before by a long and random path, in an endless choice between good and evil, every time encountering problems, solving them, and escaping to something better, but so that after many searches, having been disappointed in the previous path, we desire to see what is awaiting us and advance consciously.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is divulged for such people. The point in the heart awakens in them and doesn’t give them rest. They come to the place where they can gain knowledge about how to lay the right path for themselves, not twisting, but straight, according to the law of nature, becoming like it and using it correctly.

In essence, we aren’t sponsored or granted a miracle; we simply know the law. Instead of reaching the goal in zigzags, we go straight if we want to fulfill this law. This is a closer and easier path, but at the same time more complex. After all, we have to study and realize this law on ourselves instead of the forces of nature that knead us like dough shape us in their form. We ourselves have to participate in this, to carve out of ourselves the form required by nature. If we succeed, we give ourselves the same form that we should acquire at the end, and reach the purpose of creation.
From the 1st lesson at the Rome Convention on 5/21/11

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