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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator reaches us every time we give Him a chance. This is the secret to success. If we give the Creator such opportunities, we will be waking up quickly, at a higher frequency, and be able to come to a greater desire sooner, to a certain degree of longing and yearning regarded as “world, year, soul” (Olam, Shanah, Nefesh). That is, we will reach adhesion with the Light “in the same place, at the same time, with the same woman,” as the unification of man and the Creator is described.

After all, to reach adhesion (Zivug), we have to meet several conditions. First of all, we need the correct desire, meaning not some corporeal desire, but a need to come to similarity with the Creator, the first spiritual degree, the first connection with Him. To achieve this, I am supposed to provide the desire in the appropriate amount, quality, intensity, and form.

Besides that, I am not supposed to want anything else so that it would become my only desire, reward, and fulfillment. Nothing else is required, but desiring it. After all, the rest is the reward I am working for. All my passionate desire, longing, tension, and aspiration to keep the connection with the Creator, to hang on to this point despite all the difficulty, is, in fact, the reward.

If one comes to this state, rises above his egoistic desire, and wishes to pass all of his yearning to the Creator, to demonstrate one’s longing for Him, and doesn’t seek anything beyond this, he merits exalted adhesion.

Here, one can find help in the environment that will support, awaken, remind, and arrange all the necessary conditions for such adhesion for him; it will clarify them and raise their importance. After all, the Creator reaches a person every time the latter presents Him with such an opportunity. This is the point most important to us.

This means that the goal is to give the Creator more opportunities to wake us up by any means, no matter how. It may be that more often than not, it is through unpleasant sensations, but we are not scared by problems, fears, and longing since we don’t view them as bad states.

What is bad for us is only when we disconnect from the thought and relationship with the Creator, from longing and desire. All our other yearnings for Him we consider as desirable and important, regardless of whether we like or dislike experiencing them.

Before anything else, we value the truth rather than feeling good or bad, sweet or bitter. Thus, we gradually and correctly prepare ourselves for the first adhesion and finally come to it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/1/2011, Baal HaSulam’s Letter 19

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