In The Grip Of Opposites

Dr. Michael LaitmanUntil now we evolved under the influence of two opposite forces. Today, when the collision of these two forces becomes threatening, our objective is to bring them into mutual harmony.

To do this, we have to create resistance between them, a certain “resistor”(R) located between the plus and the minus. Then, we will obtain a “bulb” or a “motor.” By placing resistance between the opposites, we will receive a certain revelation, which we will feel in ourselves like the manifestation of the plus and minus together.

How can we make such a “resistor”? We want to use both forces, the positive and negative, as a single whole. That is why man is composed of two forces. Until the moment the negative force, our egoism, hadn’t developed in us completely, we couldn’t proceed with this work; we didn’t feel the conflict, the collision.

But today, we start discovering it. Our world, our life, our nature is in the grip of two forces, and we don’t know where to get away from them. Egoism is on one side under the minus sign, and the power of nature, the Creator, is on the other side under the plus sign.

The positive force of nature bestows, gives life, and develops, but the force of our egoism wants to absorb everything for its own pleasure, to break and destroy. We see plenty of examples of its activity in our world. If it weren’t for the power of nature that stops and prevents us from doing whatever we please, we would have destroyed the entire world back in the days when we fought with sticks and stones.

The goal of the force of nature is to lead us forward so that we become smarter, more developed, and more dangerous at the same time. This fills us with fear before using our weapons without consideration.

Thus we arrived at our current state and now have to create resistance between the two forces.

In The Grip Of The Opposites

To tell you the truth, this resistance is called a “human” (Adam). It will become our property that includes both forces. We have to form, mold ourselves like plasticine, chisel away any excess material, and leave only the necessary form. We draw it on the border between the two opposing forces, and the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to accomplish this.
From the 2nd lesson at the Rome Convention on 5/21/11

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