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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we focus on in order to reveal the connection in our common desire?

Answer: Everybody must strive to visualize the group (the world and/or their own) to the best of one’s ability and enter it: the place with no physical bodies but only desires aimed at the Creator. A person sees how these desires are mutually connected into one system, wishes to be with them, but still feels separated. They are all bonded, while he still is not.

And then, in the degree of his ability to bestow to them, he begs and demands from them to influence him in response and include, take him in. Thus, dancing in a circle, you let another person enter it from the outside: You free room for him and he joins in. This is what it means to receive support from the group.

Depending on how strongly he asks for it and desires to be included into the group so as to get the strength, desire, and thoughts from it, and how willing he is to replace his own thoughts and desires with those of the group, leaving nothing of his own, in this extent he annuls himself. And if instead of having his own thoughts and desires, he receives something from the group, we say that he has gained spirituality.

Then, in the group he has entered, he yearns to reveal the collective force that fulfills and connects them. This force lives among them: mutual love and connection. A person desires to plunge into the forces that tie all the parts of the common desire together. This is regarded as his engagement in adhesion with the Creator, when he receives the mind and sensation of the upper degree.

But by doing so, he does not annul himself; rather, he begins to experience himself as new, born thanks to the fact that he nullified himself, received thoughts and desires from the group, reached a connection, and within it felt a vital force, the Light. This means that now, his vessel (Kli) and the Light are new, spiritual.

These are the steps you need to take first.
From Lesson 8, WE! Convention 4/3/2011

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