Energy That Will Save The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanA great number of researchers in the world are analyzing the problems of the crisis that we are experiencing in all areas of life and a possibility to overcome it. But the truth of the matter is that although humanity can, albeit with difficulty, identify and comprehend the full scope of the crisis, it is incapable of finding a solution to it.

If you examine the materials on this topic, you’ll see that the proposed solutions are simply naive, and understandably so because the authors of these articles are unaware of the plan of nature, which the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals. In principle, a solution exists at a level other than that of the problems themselves: at the level of the connection between us and revelation of the upper force inside this connection.

With the help of the method of Kabbalah we can attract into our world that very same upper force; we can “extract’” it instead of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, coal, oil, or gas. We can attract this force (energy, fulfillment) into our world in a pure form, without it being dressed into the earthly energies and materials; we can receive the purest energy that will give us an opportunity to correct ourselves and thereby correct the world.

When we will begin to unite and evoke this force, we will have an inexhaustible source of energy. We will enter another level of existence. Only this can save us. Hence, the crisis is basically at the earthly level; it is an energy crisis. And on the spiritual level, it is the egoistic crisis, which manifests in our world as hatred, fanaticism, or power.

These two types of crises, energy and egoistic, will be increasingly vivid. They will prove to us that there is no way out of them: The absence of energy and the development of egoism lead to war.

The force that will bring us to equality both in energy and relationships between us is called the upper Light. It is a concealed force of nature. But we must reveal it. The entire crisis is intended only for pushing us towards its revelation. And Kabbalah is intended to  help us reveal this force.
From the Virtual Lesson, Fundamentals of Kabbalah Series 5/15/2011

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