Education: Challenge Accepted

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe found the topic of education to be in high demand within the framework of mass dissemination of Kabbalah. Suddenly, this channel has opened wide before us. Everyone is ready to forge relationships and listen: “Just advise us about what to do with the growing generation which we are unable to approach.”

Our children are a completely different story: Judging by their questions and answers and their attitude towards life, we can see that they represent a completely different generation. We have put a lot of effort into them; let us hope that this will serve all of us.

We have named the upcoming year the year of education. We have dedicated the third hour of the morning lesson to developing the principles which we will use to formulate the method. We are beginning to document the materials, so you will soon be receiving them in all the different languages.

Moreover, it is very important to involve children in our website for children, try to push them, give them prizes for participation. We need to develop a connection between them—this guarantees success. We bring them closer to Kabbalistic sources and teach them unity in a simple way. At the same time, the Light flows through these sources, and we discover how advanced our beloved children are.

For example, in Israel 13-14 year-old children enroll in college level classes. Colleges are not ready to accept them to study psychology, assuming that these are regular children, so they will study education, communications, and other disciplines. This way they will finish high school and have a college diploma at the age of 17-18. And they are ready for this.

Moreover, our mentors and some parents will study together with them. We are referring to an education diploma, and education is our specialty. We need to become teachers, educators of the entire world. I hope that you will take this as good advice.

We are discussing joint programs with the UN and UNESCO. Over the course of the year, you will receive many books, films, and educational games from us. We will try to create a large children’s portal on the Internet, designed for gradual advancement, as well as a virtual community, which will enable the children to feel much more united than we are. The entire world will be at their disposal for them to unite around the world, armed with the method, knowledge, and education and to become people in the full sense of the word.
From Lesson 6, WE! Convention 4/3/2011

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