Attempts To Mitigate The Blow

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I’m stunned that a series of such dramatic changes in the world draws such a weak reaction from the leading nations. What’s going on with us?

Answer: I think that the “movers and shakers” of the world have understood that they’re not in control of the situation, and they’re trying to mitigate the blow. They are especially concerned with the sharp decline in oil production and the resulting sharp decline in the global economy.

This will undoubtedly impact global reconstruction. The automobile and aviation industries will be demolished, and a new public mode of transportation will need to be implemented. People will only be buying the bare essentials, which will crush many of the economy’s sectors.

Every tenth US citizen works in the auto industry. A string of bankruptcies will shatter the national economy and bring about the rise of extremist political parties, the kind that emerged under similar circumstances in the 1920s in Germany.

It is no accident that Kabbalah asserts that the next phase in the collective global development is either correction via the method of Kabbalah or fascism! I suspect that the US deliberately terminated their auto industry, correctly realizing that it would be the first to fall in the looming global crisis. This bought their other industries and their workers time to make a transition from the economy sectors so badly dependent upon oil, such as the automobile, to other modes of manufacture and consumption which are simpler, more natural, and direct. As for the media, they simply carry out orders from those who pay them.

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  1. I agree the US terminated the auto industry. I read articles about this plan years ago, and it seems that to some extent they are concerned with transitioning into a more stable more successful, safe and prosperous form. Despite the various malicious forces at work here, there are still good people, and many who are deeply part of the effort to bring about world peace and unity for all.

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