An Invitation To Rise To The Next Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanI began to teach a long time ago. Together with the group we studied the wisdom of Kabbalah for many years. However, even though we read the articles of Kabbalists, we didn’t actualize them fully until the global crisis hit several years ago.

Starting from 2005 or so, we began to focus on the correct structuring of the group. That is where we felt the pressure, and we realized that that is precisely what we needed in order to actualize the method and enter the spiritual world.

The fact is that the world had not experienced a crisis until then. We didn’t feel what or who our actions should be aimed at. But along with the crisis, our group felt an acute, even dramatic need to immediately implement the method in practice so that we could be an example to the world.

With each day we must work to strengthen our inner unity and external dissemination. Drop by drop, we must bring the news to the people that there is a method of correction. After all, the crisis engulfing the world is an invitation from Nature to rise to the next degree.

We shouldn’t be like stubborn children who don’t want to listen to their mother. In all that is happening we should see an unprecedented opportunity: The doors open for us to leave this limited, little world, completely permeated with suffering and ending in death, and enter an external existence, a world illuminated by the upper Light. This is what we must explain, illustrating that it could be done in a group, together.

The laws of the group can even be seen in this world. Indeed, the world is revealing itself as an integral system in which all parts are interconnected. Looking at it, we can see for ourselves what is demanded of us.
From the 2nd lesson at the Rome Convention on 5/21/11

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