All The Problems Come From A Lack Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the use of studying The Book of Zohar if I discover that I am merely trying to run away from my earthly problems?

Answer: A person studying The Zohar does not have any earthly problems besides one: to unite with the friends to such a degree that the upper Light will become revealed inside of the connection between them. All the problems come only from the lack of Light. There is no other source and no other solution.

A person can fuss about and try to correct this state using all the possible earthly means, and he will discover that he seems to have corrected it, but instead of correcting it, even worse problems arose, and everything became much worse. Why is that?

That’s because he thought that he could overcome the previous problems alone, but maybe now, when greater troubles came crashing down on him, he will no longer think that he will overcome them alone and perhaps he will turn to the right solution. And if that doesn’t help, then he will be sent even greater problems until his cup of suffering overflows and he will see “the hand of God” in it, like Pharaoh’s sages did.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/8/11, The Zohar

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  1. Dear Rav,

    Thank you for the beautiful book on children’s education – or development, or how to listen to the voice of the children while they are growing up.

    The death of today’s villain of all villains, is a dramatic end of a story that was the Primary reason to wage war. The end of the story can now be nothing else then a reason for the invading powers to go back home.

    We now need a booklet for the individual soldier and the individual civilian that explains what in the world has been going on. One went to ‘bring democracy’ and got disillusioned; the other is angry at any occupying power and weary of anybody who brings ‘solutions’. Both are traumatized. How to reach out to one another to melt the wall between them and create a heartfelt peace.

    Who is the best candidate to write such a booklet? Since this world is our collective mirror, we all should write one. We all should heal our internal wound that this war was merely a reflection of. Some of these books are written from a standpoint of higher knowledge and will be inspirational to all who can open up to it.

    “If you want something done, then ask someone who is busy”. I am not asking anything. I just hope Ray will be given the time to write something like this and make it available for free as a pdf, as a website, as a short video and as a long video. In short: let it be a message that goes viral on the internet.

    All in preparation of the first Bagdad convention, of course,

    All typos intended

    Cheers to all of you,

    Jurgen de Graaf

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