A Point That Contains Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything starts with a black point “created from absence,” which the upper Light works on and thereby develops the creature. All development, except for this point of “Yesh Mi Ain” (existence from absence) is done by the Light, the force that acts in the creature, in the part that’s being “led.”

Where then do we get such different properties as individuals? From the Light! The point of creation “from absence” is a mere point. But the Creator splits His relation into billions of creatures and then re-connects them by tying them together in all sorts of ways so that everyone becomes connected with the seven billion others. Thereby, He wishes to express Himself within the matter of “existence from absence.”

He wouldn’t be able to express it in any other way except by such multiplied number of small creatures, each of which is created in a special, unique manner, unlike any other. Every creature comes to its individual correction, having renounced the part of “Yesh Mi Ain” (existence from absence) in itself and gaining a desire to consist of the properties of “Yesh Mi Yesh” (existence from existence), which can help it unify with the others. And thereby, it increases its “Yesh Mi Yesh” from a small point provided by the Creator to Infinity, to the exalted status of the Creator Himself.

How do I, this tiny point that appeared out of nothing that was created with a virtually zero connection with the Creator, come to His revelation? I unify with all the other points (desires) by cancelling my “existence from absence,” which allows my “existence from existence” to grow to the size of the entire creation that I adjoin to myself.

In other words, connecting thereby, I make out of this point the whole spiritual vessel, “Yesh Mi Yesh,” filled with the infinite connection to the Creator, “Yesh Mi Yesh,” to all. This can be done only by multiplying such tiny parts, each of which unifies with the rest, and thereby, all of them intertwine with the each other as multiple layers.

One unifies with the other; then, the previous two which became one unify with the third and intertwine within, while the new three bond with one more, and so on. So, it’s not just my connecting with all the others, but rather it is a multi-dimensional system of connection. And it is the only medium for the Creator to express Himself within the general creation upon completing this work at the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun).
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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