Spiritual Compensation As A Guarantee To Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can it be so that the social structure itself may become one of the obstacles on the path of advancement on the spiritual ladder?

Answer: In other words, how can we move from the egoistic world to the spiritual one with balanced consumption? This is a multi-layered process. Right now, we face the first one of them, when humanity begins to understand that it has to restrict itself because the riches of natural resources and nature in general don’t belong to individuals or states.

But for seven billion people to exist on Earth and not to “eat each other up,” we have to reach equilibrium not only among ourselves, but also between us and nature. This is already clear to all people of good sense. The problem is in how to transition to it.

Transition as such is essentially egoistic. We might be able to help them with it, but I think that this transition will occur as it did in many countries already. Have you seen how a million people came out to the streets and changed the environment, society, and the government?

We are yet to witness how immigrants will flood Europe and swallow it completely. Do you think the United States is that far from Africa or South America? Not at all. And since nature forces us into balance with each other and with itself, we don’t have a choice. Nature works toward homeostasis, and it’s not up to us.

So far, it doesn’t pertain to spiritual correction, and this very process is necessary for us to exist. If I don’t want to fear that my neighbor might come to kill me, it’s beneficial for me to share my wealth out of necessity.

The hope that the arms and force the developed countries possess will help them is illusory. Rome, which was even more powerful, still fell. The question is: How can we transition to the next stage when we discover that we are unable to distribute wealth fairly as nature dictates? How will we compensate man and his egoistic desires to get bigger, more powerful, and wealthier?  What will we sustain it with?  What will we sustain him with? After all, people can’t stay at the animate level of evolution since our ego keeps growing and demanding even more.

Humanity has no solution to the issue: What compensation can we offer to those who will realize the need for a fair distribution? What will satisfy their ego? If we want everyone to remain as animals, to be the same, we thereby destroy man because the “human” level is above that of the “beast” in each of us. There has to be spiritual compensation, and only the wisdom of Kabbalah can provide it.

But we all know that 90 years ago, in Russia, they wanted to achieve the same by making a revolution. But as a result, a regular person didn’t get compensated for it. Why should he be satisfied with a typical apartment, an average salary that provides for his retirement plan, and a normal vacation time? Why should he be equal with others and be happy with just what he has?

For the time being, we advance according to the program of nature, in order to gradually present it to humanity in the degree that it will realize that it has no other option: It has to come to a relatively equal distribution. Therefore, if we don’t offer man spiritual compensation, we won’t be able to implement the law of balance with nature. And to do so, we will need the knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From Lesson 5, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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