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Dr. Michael LaitmanCelebration of Pesach (Passover) is a special time. We as if are wrapped in a subtle fog caused by exhaustion and coming out of our usual state. It’s a special time in the whole world, when the Surrounding Lights are doing the work according to the order deriving from the law of branch and root.

Besides, we are entering the holiday that directly pertains to us. There is no spiritual root closer and more vital to us than Passover. It’s all we want. Having come out of egoism, we repeatedly remind ourselves about the exodus from Egypt and only correct it over and over again on the entire remaining path, to the very end of correction. After all, we must completely sever ourselves from Egypt, to such an extent as to turn it into its opposite: bestowal.

At this time, we can make a leap, and that’s our task at the moment. It doesn’t matter that we are little and don’t understand everything. And it’s okay that we lack something; it will always be this way. The feeling of darkness, entanglement, confused sensations and mind, it is all necessary. We have to be distracted—this is provided in abundance. We all feel confused, stupefied, weakened and so on; everyone just wants to sleep. It is the best, optimal state for us.

But at the same time, we must exert strictly verified and precise efforts aimed at our unification. If you are falling asleep, sleep, but with a correct intention. Even in this action you should connect with the points in the hearts and then drift into sleep, while maintaining the internal connection with one another. Oneness needs to be “pressed through.” Go within, despite your drowsiness, and you will start receiving awakening from the others.

Each of us lacks mutual inclusion. If I am connected with all the others and they with me, it gives me the strength of hundreds of thousands of people. It is a result of mutual guarantee. If we don’t employ it, we won’t succeed. We must aim ourselves at realization of unity.

Tonight, all around the world, we will sit together at the festive table, and we won’t be focusing on what we eat and drink, not the Passover dinner as such. It’s all a mere tradition, but what is really important is whether we intend to rise above our egoism toward love and unification.

That is what the exodus from Egypt signifies. And the rest is only interpretations. All festive attributes are not more than signs, the symbols of a unified effort. If I pressure myself with all the others, while doing so, I pass through the entire Passover feast. It becomes revealed to me.

Therefore, we need a powerful awakening now. And we truly are capable of making a breakthrough. After all, we are witnessing how the upper force pushes us forth, constantly organizes, and tends to us. Now a push is required on our part, and I don’t see any obstacles to that. A little blur of sensations—is it really Pharaoh?

Don’t wait for it to become easy at some point. We always move against desires and thoughts. Sleep will keep falling on you, urgent business will keep distracting you, and confusion will always remain. Such is the path.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/2011,  Baal HaSulam’s Letter 10

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