Making A Step Toward The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In order to come out of Egypt, I first need to reveal that the Creator is keeping me there….

Answer: The Creator is not keeping you in Egypt. He is teaching you how to come out of it. He does not want you to stay there. However, He teaches you so that you would be ready to come out from Egypt in new qualities (desires or Kelim).

This is like teaching a child to walk. You let him go, and he stands in place and cries out of fear. He cannot make a single step toward you since in order to do this, he needs to raise one foot and hold himself on the other. He is unable to do this. He can just stand on both feet. It’s still hard for him to raise one foot, stand on the other, take a step forward, and then do all this again. We need to teach him. And this does not mean that we wish to keep him in the former state; we are not restraining him.

Question: On one hand, I need to reveal the single force that governs reality: “There is none else besides Him.” On the other, I need to achieve mutual concern in the group. How do I work with these two components? What is the next step that I need to make at this stage, during the days of Passover which we have declared as an attack?

Answer: You should be together! Nothing else. Only together!

For the time being we are still in a state where if we think of “together,” we forget about the Creator. “Together” is we, and the Creator is like something foreign, something additional.

True, for now we still perceive it this way. However, we need to artificially try to remember about Him. And although we constantly think about our unification, we should make an attempt to occasionally have a thought that without the Creator we do not achieve unity, that we need Him. For now, we should do this in order to unite with each other. Crudely speaking, we wish to use Him in order to unite.

Then, as a result of our entire development, we will reach a state where we will want to be connected with each other in order to become similar to the Creator, to serve Him, to become included in Him. However, this occurs gradually, in steps. But now, in our current state, we should be together!

It is written that the Creator is revealed only during the exodus from Egypt. And prior to this a person is unable to imagine these qualities since he is still situated in his ego.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/10/2011, The Book of Zohar

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