In The Future State, We Are Free

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsBaal HaSulam, “This Is For Judah”: “‘This year—here… next year—free.’ It is written above that with the aim of this Mitzva (commandment) we can evoke the guaranteed redemption destined for us, as in the Mitzva of eating the Matza of our fathers in Egypt.

Thereby, we demonstrate our confidence that we will surely exit to freedom. We will come out of bondage, the hold by the alien power of our ego that intentionally oppresses us. When we grow eager to shake it off and become willing to rise above egoism, then we will break free from it.

Pharaoh hardens our heart as if adding weight to the barbell a person exercises with. With each new degree, we have to lift greater weight and more frequently in order to achieve a certain result. Pharaoh is regarded as “help against him.” The Creator intentionally sets the tyrant, Pharaoh, against us so we are forced to unify against him.

However, we are unable to unite despite repeatedly trying to do so. The more effort we exert, the more powerful Pharaoh becomes, loading us with additional burden. It looks like we are weakening on this path and our energy diminishing, but it is not so. On the contrary, we are getting stronger, while our work gets even harder in quality and amount.

If we don’t quit but continue on this path, then gradually, we build an environment for ourselves and get ready to exit from Egypt. It all depends on our preparation. Our strength must grow to such a degree that Pharaoh will run out of weights to harden our hearts. At that point, we will break free from Egypt.

We don’t know beforehand when this state will finally come, when the power of our unity and aspiration for it will grow to outweigh the heavy hand of Pharaoh and he will have nothing left with which to burden us. To the contrary, the further we advance, the denser the darkness becomes. We start building “cities of poverty” that bring us no satisfaction and moan under this heavy labor.

In other words, we will pass through difficult states. In the end, we will even pass through the “ten plagues” and the black Egyptian darkness on top of all kinds of other problems that we must overcome by way of establishing the interconnection among us. No matter how hard it is and how much discord we feel between us, if we unite still, we will break free from our nature.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/2011, “This Is for Judah”

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