How To Avoid Tsunamis

Dr. Michael LaitmanA child’s question: The Creator promised Noah that there wouldn’t be another flood. So why was there another tsunami?

Answer: That’s a difficult question. I’m not used to viewing the Torah as a historical tale. The corruption that happened then—the sin of Adam and all the other transgressions leading up to today—is still the same corruption, and we are beginning its correction only now.

The reason for disasters like tsunamis or earthquakes, past or future, is that we are causing an imbalance. Does the Creator really promise that the blows will stop? No. He promises that there won’t be a flood that would wash away the whole world!

The flood means that malicious waters arrive and wash away everything, leaving only the point in the heart. It really did happen once because a corruption of that magnitude had to happen, but no more. We are facing only correction. But if we don’t correct ourselves in time, we ourselves trigger the blows that befall us.

I hope that we will be able to avoid them, but we must feel responsible for what’s happening. After all, if the wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed, and we know that by building on our interconnection, we correct the world, we are capable of preventing misfortunes.

Remember what the Creator said to Abraham: “If I find ten righteous men in Sodom, I will not destroy it with an earthquake.” But there were not ten good people, and so the earthquake happened.

If we so desire, we are capable of saving the world from suffering. Everything depends on us. I hope that we will be successful because we really need to take this seriously.
From Lesson 7, WE! Convention 4/3/2011

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