Egyptian Slavery Means You Have No Right To Bestow

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, “Until The Ruler Of Egypt Fell”: One must work for the sake of the heavens, meaning for the sake of bestowal. In exile this assessment was made under the power of Pharaoh, the King of Egypt.

I do not know what real bestowal is or how it is possible to give anything to a person who is completely detached from me, when there are no “common foundations” for kindness, such as commonly accepted morals, the respect of others around me, or anything else.

Some people throw money around and squander entire fortunes, and they feel pleasure from this. They receive sufficient compensation for their “bestowal.” One person is satisfied by a kind word, another by being remembered well by the future generations, and a third by self-respect.

In the West there is a new trend called “a dollar a day.” A person contributes a dollar a day to feed a hungry African child who will never find out who he is. Yet, contributions like this also bring satisfaction because I am giving someone life. What is a dollar compared to the feelings this elicits in me?

However, we are talking about total separation from self-gratification. We cannot imagine or feel such a thing in our life. We do not understand how it is possible to give to someone without any response in thought or sensation. This is concealed from us.

This is the meaning of exile when we first encounter it: It turns out that I do not know what pure bestowal is. I am separated from spirituality precisely in this regard.
Egypt (Mitzraim) means a notch (Metzer), and a notch means a scantity of mercy when a person only knows how to receive, without bestowing anything.

We are yet to discover that we are devoid of any premises of bestowal and only know how to receive. If I receive, then I give. But in general, this is not bestowal. I just call it that way because in our world we judge a person by his actions instead of his intentions. Intentions belong to the science of Kabbalah, while actions belong to the opinion of this world.

“Width” is generosity, great bestowal. A “notch” is the opposite, a lack of bestowal. Thus, the power of Egypt was that every person could make actions only in return for payment.

This is us. But we don’t really realize this and that is why our state is still not considered exile. Our lives our OK. True, we’re Egyptians, but so what?
He does not let them carry out even one action without payment, only for the sake of bestowal.
This is our Pharaoh. And we don’t even realize that he controls us. The power of Pharaoh becomes revealed only when you want to do something for the sake of bestowal and discover that you are unable to. That is when Pharaoh, the Egyptian King, is revealed. But until then, you are sitting on the throne yourself and doing whatever you want.
This means that Egypt was a notch for Israel.
In other words, it obstructed the direction of straight to the Creator (Yashar El).
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/11, Preparation to Going Out From Egypt

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  1. The opposite is not possible, so what do we do?

    We expand the ego so much, give it what it wants so much that it becomes bloated and starts to vomit. IT starts to feel shame and self disgust. This is when the change occurs, and when the bloated ego starts to connect with others. Our ego becomes the group ego, and thus we are still receiving (think of countries unified, cities tribes etc) but it functions as a step closer to bestowal. Bestowal being infinitely away gives us eternal purpose, but it is not a carrot on a stick as each step is realized and rewarded. The trick now is to unify all the egos into humankind. The largest group possible, then we will all reap the full benefit of our collaboration, and will have such riches that we will no longer focus on our own hunger. We will become numb to it, and will ascend into paradise, where all are cared for, and our goals and motives raise higher. Once the base is constructed, we can ascend to higher things. But sadly for now we are anchored. There is no escape, there is no escape but unification. If we unify then we can provide everyone with food, shelter etc. Once this is done we ascend to giving everyone the next commodity, internet etc. Eventually the over all level will become so advanced that we will be overcome with love for others. The more we see how much collaboration benefits us, the more we are willing to love and live and die for others. It is the simple truth, reception is unified with bestowal, and grows towards it light a flower to the light. We can not build the next stage until we master this one. WE are frustrated now because we are trying to build level ten of the building before we made 5 6 7 8 9. The crisis right now is energy. WE need to couple ourselves in adhesion to the upper abundance, the sun, the infinite light. It has enough to feed the whole earth, and in fact all life comes from the suns energy. I know it is corporeal, but until we master this, we will not be able to enter the infinite realm. WE are being foolish, abandoning our bodies, the 2nd phase. Full restriction, is not the solution. We need to master human needs. Food, shelter, power. Destroy classism. Destroy scarcity. Bring infinite energy to the world, and all shall have food clothes and homes, all will have computers. All wil become equal again, on a higher level. The fear of current world leaders is being pulled off their spires. But, we all need to ascend to them, not pull them down. It is possible, in all ways for us materially ot have equality. There is only one evil spot left. Love inequality. Ugly and beautiful… Such a thing can not be fixed until we achieve genetic mastery as a result of very advanced technology. But technology grows with human unity. We need ot unify, then literally all our problems will solve themselves. Let us not fool ourselves as to what the goal is. We want it all, we want the infinite available to us. Only by struggling will we have the stomach for it. And now we finally can, we will grow forever. But the birth is the hardest. WE can do it. We will do it. It is only possible by pooling our resources. Like the power rangers combining their zords into a mega zord. By our powers combined, we are captain planet… (:

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