Brothers, I Want To Embrace You

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo the extent that you want to see the group united and whole, existing in mutual, inner guarantee, you influence the whole group and infuse them with your power, your desire, the quality of bestowal. You want to permeate the friends so that they are filled with this quality. This is the meaning of “love thy friend as thyself” since you strive to fulfill them as you would yourself; moreover, they are even more important to you.

How can this be unclear? Everyone can feel it. You want to imagine your friends unifying together and you filling them to the brim! Here you don’t think about your personal benefit or loss, but only about the friends, about Shechina (Divinity). And if you’re only thinking about them, you will not experience any personal descents or ascents, but will continue living their desires.

When you undergo a descent, the reason is that your desires are locked. Your ego doesn’t feel that it can fulfill itself in any way. There are no pleasures to chase, and so you fall into hibernation and wait until your state changes with the flow of time.

This standstill happens because there are no new desires revealing in you. If you were to feel a new desire at that time, you would immediately awaken and wish to receive the whole world! Everything depends on desire.

It follows that if a great desire is revealed in you, you are overflowing with energy; if the desire is small, you are calm; but if the desire fades altogether, you die. But this can only happen if you’re working with your own desire.

However, if you work with the desires of others, you are continually renewed. This desire will no longer depend on you, but you will always have the desires of others. Therefore, you will not undergo ascents and descents; rather, you will keep rising and rising.

That is to say, ascents and descents will be of a different nature, determined not by the desire but by the Light: What else can you give, what else can you tear away from the will to receive and use for the sake of bestowal so as to add to your bestowal to the Creator?
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/27/2011Shamati No.1

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  1. I agree with these writings and they reflect the importance of the group supporting each other in mutual garentee (excuse my spelling)Love as always.

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