Before The Desired Breakthrough

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written that everybody crosses the Red Sea: men, women, elderly, children, the cattle, and so on. We, too, have to gather all our strength, each of us individually and everyone together. If we put forth this effort, we will definitely enter the spiritual realm.

It has never happened before and it will never happen that a person was ready for the exodus. Indeed, the exodus from Egypt is a blow from Above, which takes us from one place and transfers to another. A person cannot identify this state in advance and stands no chance of reaching it independently. It can’t be measured or predicted.

We only need to join forces and pressure, push, until it happens. What’s more, it will happen without a warning, forcefully, “in haste.” It may happen tomorrow, a day after tomorrow or in a week, it’s not important. We only need to anticipate redemption, and we will acquire it.

Let me dip into the past, into the Egyptian hell again and again, not feeling any progress. Let the efforts that I exerted a moment ago go down the drain, let me feel desperate and weak again. Let me gather my strength anew each time, in order to aspire to unification. Despite all this, I need to keep trying, harder and harder.

Baal HaSulam writes that a true, seasoned, steadfast desire is formed gradually. Overcoming hardships, we finally reach a force that shoots our desire like an arrow—and it receives a response. This is the only way to escape egoism.

Hence, do not think that we worked for nothing. Not at all. It’s just that our efforts accumulate and ultimately produce a result. We only need to be sure that we gather our efforts; at the end, they reach a required measure and bring us closer to the desired breakthrough.

I think it is very close. We only need to anticipate it every moment.
From the talk during the festive meal 4/22/2011

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  1. No effort is ever wasted.

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