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Dr. Michael LaitmanI can say with hope and confidence that we are standing at the threshold of real spiritual actions. If we convince ourselves that they become revealed inside of the interconnection among us and this is where the Creator is revealed, if we desire this, then all the opportunities are right in front of us.

The entrance has been opened to us from above and now it is our turn to take a few steps to come inside. And these steps are pretty easy to make because they are ensured by unification. It’s not that every person is walking forward by himself, but he is going inwards, toward our common center where we will reveal the Creator through our mutual push toward love, empathy, and mutual bestowal.

The time really has come. I am not comparing myself to Abraham or Moses, but the states that become revealed appear the same as back then. Let us make efforts and you will see this actually happening.

We are starting to make mutual actions which bring us the revelation of the Torah, meaning the revelation of the Light which corrects the evil inclination and reveals the Creator inside of us.

I am talking about this completely seriously. Even 9 to 12 months ago this did not seem so realistic and practical to me, but now I see that we are undoubtedly capable of this. We have received the permission from above and now it all depends on us: Will we take this upon ourselves or not? Neglect would be a very grave mistake that would bring about great trouble.

I very much hope that the holiday of Passover, my visits to the groups outside of Israel, the Moscow Convention, and other events will serve as a big, good preparation. This is possible. Everything is open to us and the whole world is helping us. Everything that is happening in the world is just help to push us forward.

However, we have to be careful. In one of his letters Baal HaSulam writes the following to his student, “A year ago your state was much better, but now you are in a descent. However, don’t lose faith in mercy. Maybe you will succeed again.”

Now the time of awakening from above has come and an opportunity is being given to us. However, we have to attach the awakening from below to this. There can never be any indulgences in this regard.

Awakening from above is a very big help. That’s because you don’t have to convince the Creator that you have a good desire. He gives you the opportunity Himself, “Just ask Me and I will pay for it.” You can take the merchandise, the shopkeeper will record your debt in the book, and you will pay for it later. First enter spirituality and then you will pay it back.

That is how we advance. After all, we can’t manage without the spiritual force, but when we do have it then we can make spiritual actions and will return the debt later. Now we have the chance to receive a loan and to acquire the spiritual world. And later on we will pay for it—there’s no problem.

So let us hope that we will understand what kind of opportunity we have before us. It will be unforgivable to lose it by not uniting as we should.

This very much depends on how we use our time. The present moment is very important. And you shouldn’t look around at the external world, waiting for it to move forward today or tomorrow. That is not up to us.
From the talk at the evening meal on 4/9/11

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