An Invitation To Cross The Machsom

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are standing at the threshold of great joint efforts. Opportunities are unfolding before us according to the spiritual schedule, so let’s realize them. We are able to perform a series of attacks and send them like bullets to the center of the target until we reach the result.

I see perfectly real opportunities ahead. We shouldn’t think that we still are not ready, that we still lack something, or that we still don’t understand everything. Nothing is clear in Egypt; we just slide into darkness and welter here. The more we put into place, the more everything gets scattered by the next thrust of confusion.

It’s important not to despair from this turmoil. Judging by the action that is next in turn for us, I see that we are able to do something now. “How can we be able to do anything?” you might ask. That’s true, but when we truly will discover that we are unable, suddenly redemption will come.

I have no doubt that we are presently in a very good, wonderful state. We are being invited to the spiritual world. The holiday of Passover comes as a way of helping us.

And besides that, we need to feel a responsibility for the whole world which, on the contrary, has come into trouble. If we don’t achieve a spiritual breakthrough, great misfortunes await us ahead. Enormous collapses in different countries are approaching. The situation is becoming more and more complicated, and we need to restore balance—just not the former but the spiritual kind.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/14/2011, Passover Brochure

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One Comment

  1. Reception and Bestowal must be unified. The truth (which dwells in biology as our bodies are an example of a corrected world) has power because it sits between them, between the left and right in the middle line which contains both. Just like the mind is perpendicular to emotions, in a different axis. Tell the egoists the truth. They can not achieve what they seek unless they pool together all of humanities resources in collaboration. This is already apparent as the more humanity has collaborated the greater our capacity and technology has become. It is simply foolishness otherwise, we need unification if we want to achieve anything, a summation of human power. Even immortality will come from this, the end of death and the resurrection of the dead (first spiritual dead then literal dead)

    It comes down to a simple argument. Do not oppose the egoists. Do not sit on the left with them on the right or vice versa. This leads to death. Nothing is apart from HIM, so every part is used. Bestowal is cold and lifeless because it lacks fuel. Egoism is fiery and evil because it lacks direction. This is clearly seen in capitalism vs communism. Like a wildfire consuming a forest. But, fire placed properly is totally necessary, like the flames of an engine that drive forward a vehicle. They unify when the truth is revealed, reality is revealed, the one force is revealed. The truth is simple, we can not achieve our true goals on our own. The best we can do as egoists is partial success with decreasing returns. The greater the success, the fewer people achieve it, like the pyramid. If we unify, everyone will achieve the utmost. Literally Godhood, unity with the one.

    Neo and Smith, do you hear us? The only way into the future is together! (:

    We have one major obstacle. THE MISSING SEPHIROT IS KNOWLEDGE, ignorance and darkness rules the world even today. But because of the internet, scarcity of information is disappearing. When the loving unifying truth reaches the entire world, nothing can stop it. A raising eternal flame will appear in the hearts of the world, and they will cry freedom, love, unity and peace for all.

    Nothing is more powerful than an idea who’s time has come. G-d speed to us. We must refine the truth until it is pure power, pure sparks of bestowal. Clean and evolve it until it reaches all. Ein sof ein sof ein sof. Ya ho Va Ha ya ho vah
    Eternity is before us, look at how detailed everything is. Every blade of grass is unique. Infinity is here now, we simply lack a resolution of perception high enough to achieve needed truth. The power of Da’at will bring us perception of the unified organism. The feeling when it suddenly dawns on us, and we see the truth everywhere everyday, is so powerful it never ever ever leaves. Like a new layer of reality previously unseen, suddenly, suddenly, everything makes sense.

    I love you all, please let’s be careful moving forward, we must refine ourselves and what we are actually doing until we achieve truth. The truth is not just part of the mind but the heart as well. It is their unification, their collaboration.

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