Address To The Convention Participants

Dr. Michael LaitmanI’m very happy to be here with you today. I’m glad that we have gathered in the most influential country in the world. I hope that from here, we will be able to continue circulating Kabbalah throughout the world. We have enough forces here and we will keep adding new ones so as to reach the goal by uniting together and connecting to ourselves the entire world.

I’m very happy that you came here. During these days we will learn how to unify and to reveal spiritual life in our unity. This life does not depend on the body; it flows above it, and there, we truly feel the eternal force that reigns in nature. We become one with it and, breaking off the animate level, enter the degree of man similar to the Creator.

It is in our power to do it, and we are close to this. During the last year we have learned and attained a lot. I feel the changes that took place between us: They are positive and substantial. I hope that during these days we will try to realize our unity with all our might.

After all, we have gathered in one place, and it is very important. In order to transition from the animate to the human degree, we nevertheless need such closeness as well. We will do it, here and now.

Thank you!
From Lesson 1, WE! Convention 4/1/2011

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