A System Worthy Of Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator created the infinite desire to receive with the help of the Light of Infinity. In relation to the Light, this desire begins to feel itself divided into many parts or segments, like our body which consists of different systems and subsystems, such as the lymphatic, circulatory, nervous systems, and many others.

There are more important and less important systems. All the systems are equally important in the perfect state, and when one small part is absent, the entire system ceases to be perfect. This is clear.

But when we speak about the way the system operates in the process of correction, when we rise from this world into the world of Infinity, a certain order of correction exists. The correction happens from below upward.

The first ones to be corrected were the souls of “forefathers”: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who represent the three lines, three big systems, KBD. Then there came HGT, “sons,” followed by us, the last generation, NHY. We belong to the last generation of Mashiach (Messiah), we perform the final correction, and this is why we are the biggest egoists, while our “forefathers” are pure, fine souls.

All different types of souls exist in the collective soul: men and women, souls that pertain to the Rosh, Toch, and Sof and the limbs, arms and legs, the right,  left, and middle lines, such important organs of the system as the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and so on. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains all of this in great detail.

We are gathered in groups around the world according to this and are interconnected in a certain way. Each one of us is awakened because the root of his or her soul becomes awakened, each one of us comes from another place in the common desire, and this entire system needs to connect into one whole. For this reason all of us have been gathered into the group where we try to unite between us.

The group is a complete system, and if we connect into the group, it is the upper force connecting us. And when we will attain unity, we will build the exact system that will merit ascending.

We do not need to change anything; we only have to move forward. We are not the ones creating the structure of the group, and we never find out why we are in a group with these specific people. This is what we have received and that is it! We do not know or understand whether these people are worthy of spiritual ascent. The Creator knows it! This is revealed from Above through the Light that affects all the desires.

The Light selects the desires that need to be corrected now, in our time. Every year and every minute new desires become revealed and new people discover the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the Lesson on Weekly Torah Portion 2/10/2011

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