A Kaleidoscope Of Changing Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanEven to study Einstein’s theory or quantum physics, we need a new approach with another kind of math and other phenomena. The principle applies all the more so to the spiritual world, where we need additional sensory organs and our standard five senses and our mind, which operates by the same scheme, are insufficient.

Our animate sensations are limited, but which way are we to expand them? We must develop the point in the heart into a new dimension. Then, next to the familiar human being of this world, a new creature will emerge.

We already have its root within us. Now we only need to draw the upper Light, a special energy which will cultivate this seed, this spiritual gene, into an additional human being whom we will call man. Kabbalists also call this a soul.

When we identify ourselves with it, from its qualities, continuously changing as a result of our work, we will begin to attain the world pertaining to this new creature, deliberately developed by us in order to investigate the upper one with its help. It will be called our soul existing in the spiritual world.

And this additional human being can continue developing gradually until it spans the entire universe. It possesses unlimited sensory organs, desires, and opportunities!

We are born animals, and the expansion of our sensory spectrum is limited to telescopes, eyeglasses, and the like because our mind does not change but works precisely according to its nature. That is why we still pertain to the animate level, whereas “man” is the spiritual entity that we will build beside ourselves. In it, our entire perception may change.

It will change so greatly that from state to state, from one spiritual degree to another, we won’t even recognize ourselves or our world which will suddenly be revealed to us! Each time we will suddenly become somebody else, not the same as even a moment ago, unable to recognize the world around us, for everything will be brand new!

Indeed, as opposed to this world, all my senses—the mind and the heart—will be changing. They won’t simply grow; rather, they will completely replace the system of coordinates, the entire perception, to the extent that whoever is at a lower degree cannot possibly understand the upper one.

Just as here we work with our senses so as to reveal nature, the same principle applies in spirituality, and it is also called a “natural science,” except here nature is lower, corporeal, whereas there it is higher, spiritual. But the scientific method remains the same.

Obviously, the scientists of this world won’t accept this because they work only in their five corporeal senses, and so they will not consider it a science. Naturally, if someone is limited by some tiny sphere of perception, only willing to accept that and nothing else, there’s no use in arguing.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/28/2010, “Body and Soul”

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