The World Into Which Humanity Is Being Born

Dr. Michael LaitmanMy first profession was cybernetics. I discovered this science about integral systems for the first time thirty years ago when I tried to learn about how the human body works. Even then I understood that it is impossible to study the heart separately, or the kidneys, liver, or brain by themselves because everything is interconnected into one system. However, we are unable to study this in the form of a single system.

Everyone understands this problem, but no one is able to build the appropriate examples, formulas, schemes, graphs, and diagrams in order to connect all of the functioning into one. Back then I could not understand why this is so. I only saw that it is impossible.

Only when I completed all of my other searches and came to the science of Kabbalah did I receive an answer. The entire problem is that we ourselves are not this way. We are all egoists in our mind, sensation, and desire, and that is why we cannot build and research global systems, which are built upon bestowal. After all, we always aspire in the direction of ourselves, and not from within ourselves to the outside.

Let us hope that by attaining this science, we will learn to study the new world that is being revealed in our day. As children we spent 15-20 years studying in order to become acquainted with the world into which we were born. Likewise, today it is worthwhile to spend some time attaining this new world in which all of humanity is being born today. Everyone will benefit from this.

We are trying to realize these laws in our organization, among our two million students across the whole world, including in families, the upbringing of children, and everything else. I very much hope that you will also meet them. This regards everything, starting from the personal, family life between husband and wife and their children, through the scope of an entire nation, up until the whole world.
From my lecture in Paris on 2/1/11

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  1. As a Messianic Jew and a Kaballist integrating with The Keys of Enoch by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, I agree with you almost all of the time and that is not always in the best interest of ferreting out the Truth!

    With all of the Prophetic Signs that have been presented by G-d in His Love Letters, I believe that we are Bearing Witness to the preparation for the Last Temptation and the Ultimte Transfiguration from this third dimension to the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions which will be excellarated by the coming Rapture, and transport by the Father’s Merkabah Vehicle of Light in the same way that Enoch, Elijah, Jeshua, Moses, and many of the Father’s Prophets and Sons of Light were taken up into the Higher Heavens of the Zohar, or Hekaloth, and to attend the First Supper in our New Garments of Pure Ain Soph Light! We are all Blessed and should be celebrating in Joy! Ha Le Lu Jah!! AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN!!

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