The Path Of War Versus Good Cooperation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to carry out several actions in order to ascend to a new level of existence. First of all we have to start feeling ourselves as more dependent on one another. And we really do feel that our world is becoming like that now. Besides, we have to learn the laws existing in this integral system. That is how we realize the science of Kabbalah and its advice.

On one hand, we maintain a virtual connection with one another, and sometimes we even meet physically. On the other hand, we study this new level of existence that is now being revealed to us—the global and integral world that is being revealed more and more from one day to the next as the right connection between all people and the entire human society.

Clearly, by knowing how to connect all of this together the right way, we will be able to build the family, society, all countries, and the whole world in a more corrected form. This mutual dependence between us will help us! It will work to our benefit because we will find out how to use every part for everyone’s benefit.

That is why Kabbalah remained concealed until our time—because there was no need for it. Now, however, it has become absolutely necessary to everyone and we have to disseminate it across the whole world as fast as possible in order for people to start understanding that they are already living a new reality! Our lack of correspondence to this new world is the cause of all our problems. That is why we should learn how to improve our state as quickly as we can.

In the very close future we will see the general crisis envelop the whole world. We won’t be able to make one deal or agreement between us unless we take this global law into consideration. And the problem is that we have never created such integral systems: not in technology, nor in medicine, nor in social networks, and that is because we are individualists by nature. Therefore, we will have to change all the connections that exist between us.

Let us hope that we will learn to do this quickly and will be able to realize it before nature develops to such an extent that it will show us our lack of correspondence to it. We have to forestall it rather than wait for this to become expressed in the form of problems and suffering, revolutions and wars as a result of our imbalance and disharmony with nature on the domestic, human, social, and ecological levels. This is the purpose of the science of Kabbalah.

Many results follow from this: a new perception of reality, a new world that we reveal if we don’t look at it with the personal, egoistic view, but do so through the prism of our connection with everyone else. Let us hope that we will be able to expand the circle of people who are interested in and study this science about the new world, the new dimension. It will be easier for us to reveal it together and we will do it faster, for the good of all humanity.

We hold daily studies within the framework of our open university. These studies are free and available to all and are translated to all of the main languages. Let us hope that the French group will also join these studies more closely, on one hand, and on the other hand, will join in the dissemination of the science of Kabbalah. By virtue of this we will be able to solve many problems existing in every country and every nation.

From the side of nature we can either advance by the path of problems or the path of good cooperation.
From my lecture in Paris on 2/1/11

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