Forever Seeking The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Any scientific research includes three stages: 1) a hypothesis which has to be proven, 2) materials to experiment with, and 3) the procedure itself, the process by which the hypothesis is tested. How can this be applied in Kabbalah?

Answer: It is also a scientific experiment. You start it with a question about the purpose of life. Kabbalists make a suggestion for you: “Taste and see for yourself how good the Creator is.” Perform this act and you will get the result.

We exist in a very simple system. Beside me, there is my higher spiritual degree regarded as the “group.” I need to incorporate myself into it, and if I do connect to the group, I start feeling the Light within myself. There is nothing unreal or fictional in this.

In order to ascend to the degree of the group, I have to realize my informational gene, Reshimo 0/1 (Shoresh de Aviut and Aleph de Hitlabshut). I myself am this Reshimo “0/1” that I wish to insert into the group, in which case the Light influences me from my more advanced, corrected state by lifting me up to it.

Eternal Strive For The Future
All of these states of mine are already present, up to the very last one, and I strive toward my future. In this future, I am unified with all those who are in the group in one heart, by the mutual guarantee. If I wish to reach this state, the Light affects me from there since I am already present there. The Light alters my properties and pulls me in, like on a string, so that I connect exactly at my spot where the Light is coming from to me.

And when I engage in the group at my upper degree, I suddenly see that the group is there with me: It is all I, only the new one, “the 2nd I.” As to the group, it is above, at the next degree, and that is where my next state exists.

In other words, I am shown even a greater difference, a greater force of desire, the greater hatred between us, and I must work in the same manner again, in order to insert myself in the group completely. All the ten Sefirot of the lower one must enter the Malchut of the upper Partzuf because there is nothing besides the ten Sefirot.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/2011, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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