A Very Sophisticated Animal Or A Human?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, “What Does It Mean the World Was Created for the Torah”: By carrying out each of the 613 recommendations, a person acquires the Light corresponding to the recommendation inside his altruistic desire.

This Light, corresponding to the spiritual observance of each commandment, is called a “contribution” because it corresponds to the assimilation of each spiritual level. All 613 recommendations of all 613 degrees are called Torah.

The Creator created the will to enjoy, but He wishes for this desire to enjoy bestowal rather than reception. Therefore, the desire has to make changes, and it has to do so independently, by the principle “We shall do and we shall hear.”

Where is this desire? It lies in the human species, on the human level of development. As Baal HaSulam writes, after making all the verifications, we find just one advantage of man over animal: a desire to work for the Creator, for unity with Him. One who has this desire is called “human,” Adam. However, if this aspiration or this ascent is not yet present in him, then he is called an “animal.”

Yet it says in the Psalms, “You will save a man and an animal.” Everyone is gradually approaching the awakening toward unifying with the Creator. And once they awaken, they start making actions by the principle, “We shall do and we shall hear.”

“We shall do” means the correction of the Kelim where we carry out the 613 recommendations. “We shall hear” means the fulfillment of the Kelim by means of the 613 orders, or stated differently, contributions, where a contribution, a deposit, or Light enters the corrected Kelim.

By way of correction and fulfillment, with the help of the Lights and contributions, we reach the realization: All our 613 desires become corrected from reception to bestowal and are filled by the upper Light or the Creator. In the end we become fulfilled inside Him; we reach adhesion with Him where He fulfills us.

Therefore, the Torah, meaning the method of correction, was created only for those who want to correct their egoistic desire by the intention of bestowal. Only they really engage in Torah. That’s because Torah is the Light that Reforms. A person who does not exist for the sake of this is not called “human,” one who performs correction.

Looking at our world through the spiritual glasses, we might possibly see several people here. Everything else belongs to the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, including the multitude of animals in the guise of people who have just an external similarity.

If a person hasn’t awakened yet in order to correct himself and attain the height of the Creator, that means he is still on the animate level of development. And no matter what he does, the method of correction was not created for him. He can be very sophisticated and intelligent, and he can consider himself a righteous man, but if he does not care about correcting his evil inclination at every second, then for now he is called an animal. That’s why it says that everyone are like animals.

Therefore, we have to respect the desire that has awakened inside us, which aspires to unity with the Creator, as well as the friends who also have this inner fire burning. We can unite with each other so that the common desire of everyone will enter each person. Then, in response to this desire that every person has, we will attract the Light that Reforms and it really will unite all our desires into one whole Kli that is already corrected. It will be filled by the upper Light, the Creator, and that is how we will become similar to Malchut of the world of Infinity, as it is written, “He is one and the Creator is one.” He is the Light, and the Creator is the vessel, Kli, HaVaYaH.

It turns out that the whole world was created for correction. In the end we will have to correct ourselves and reach unity, which is described by the verse, “All will know Me from the smallest of them to the greatest of them.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/11, Writings of Rabash

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