When Work Is Pleasure

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When does a person finally realize that only the Creator can help him and that this help is only in adhering to the group?

Answer: This occurs at the final step before exiting exile. Only then does a true plea, a true need arise. However, this step comes in stages as well: the escape, the crossing of the Red Sea, the mountain of hatred (Sinai), the appeals, and finally, the despair. This speaks of many things.

We keep asking, “When will the work finally be done and the Creator be revealed?” This is correct. He will become revealed, but then more work will follow.Yet, a person will view it as an adventure, as enjoyment since if you love someone, to make effort for the sake of the beloved is pleasure. You enjoy the fact that you are doing something for them.

When you work for self-gratification, you exert labor to enjoy its fruit later on. If you could taste it without having to work, that would be best. But it isn’t the same when you do things out of love for another. In that case, the effort itself brings pleasure. While you are working, you are also gathering the reward.

Try to do something for someone you love such as your son, for example. No matter what effort is required, you feel even better when you exert for it. If you simply bring a present to your child and see how happy you made him or her, you won’t enjoy it. When you love, it is the effort that makes it all worthwhile.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/2011, “What Are the Powers Which Are Needed for the Work”

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  1. Very true. This explains the efforts I did in the past that I’ve disliked so much to gain a girl’s heart that I had a crush on (my teenage years). But today, my nephew’s birthday is coming up and my effort for getting him the proper gift does not feel heavy at all, I actually enjoy it since it is done out of real love. Although the gift will be delivered to him a bit tardy, this does not anger me, for about the time he gets this gift he will definitely enjoy it for years to come. He will become 3 years old, and my gift to him is Rav Laitman’s masterpiece…Together Forever.

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