What Do We Need To Add To Creation?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is nothing new in the universe. The Creator is unchanging. Everything was made and completed right away, and nothing is lacking. In that case, what do we need to add to creation? How can we supplement it?

It is written in the Torah that when God created the world, He “saw all that He had made, and it was very good.” Didn’t He see and know this before? Did He confirm that everything came out well only after completing the action? Why do the sages tell about it using these words?

There is only one force that operates in the world: the Creator. We do not discuss that which existed before the creation of the world because we perceive reality from the view of the creation. We can never perceive what precedes its existence.

We act according to the principles of “By Your actions, we know You,” and “one judges according to his own flaws.” We always come to the Creator (Boreh) from within our own properties when we reveal Him, which is called “come and see” (Bo – Reh).

This means that this does not refer to some force being revealed, but to the created being revealing this force within. For this purpose, the creature needs to be given the feeling and understanding of what it represents, where it is, who fathered and created it, as well as other details of perception which reflect its status.

For this reason, the creature experiences changes until all the Creator’s good becomes revealed. All these changes come from the end of an action, which is concealed in the initial thought. From the beginning, the Creator desires the creature to become like Him and exist in the best possible state.

The Creator’s initial point must become the final point of the creature. Once the two of them are soldered into one, everything begins to develop and open up in relation to the creature.

Only absolute kindness comes from the Creator. All the processes derive from His absolute love. He already perceives the creature in its final state; however, all the degrees, forces, and attainments must develop one after another in the creature itself. It needs to experience different contradictory states in order to learn about itself and attain the Creator.

The creature needs to add its “I” to the final point of equality and unity with the Creator, and this “I” needs to fully participate in the perfect state. This is why it is written that the final state differs “620 times” from the initial state. The creature adds all of its desire, understanding, comprehension, feelings, and sensations to it, and then it becomes a rightful partner similar to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/12/11, “What Is it That it is Written and You Should Return to Your Hearts”

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