Unification Is Spiritual Work

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsI receive the strength to reach spirituality from the environment, and it is a unique force. We arrive to the wisdom of Kabbalah with a desire for spirituality, but this desire is egoistic: to obtain both this and the future worlds.

This enormous desire pushes a person forward, but when he intends to bond with the friends, he has to annul himself and increase the importance of the friends. Thereby, he elevates his attitude to the friend at a minimal spiritual level. He annuls himself, desires to unite, and acknowledges the friend as the important one.

It is a very unpleasant, repulsive endeavor, but there is no other choice: We must unite. And if we do, I receive from the friend the importance of the goal, the strength to ascend. This strength is spiritual. After all, in order to turn to the friend, I nullified myself and raised his value. Since I related to him according to the spiritual rule, the importance of the friend, I received from him the strength to ascend despite the fact that he is just like me.

Unification is Spiritual Work

Even if I act out of hopelessness because I wish to obtain the spiritual world egoistically, I receive the true power from the friend, which raises me above myself. Acting this way with the friends, I acquire the correct approach to spirituality. Moreover, the friends may pay no attention to it nor even be unaware of what fuels me with spiritual power. I acquire it by performing an egoistic act, nullifying myself in relation to them despite the force of resentment.

It is very difficult, but if I manage to overcome myself, I receive from the friends the strength to advance further. This is the essence of our work, and this is the objective of the upcoming convention.
From the Lecture on the Unity Day 10/31/10

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