The Primordial Point Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to attain our nature, including all the transgressions and mistakes, because otherwise we won’t be able to ascend above them and attain the Pharaoh in us in order to understand how much he is in our way. It is through him that we want to come to serve the Creator.

What does it mean, “Let my people go”? Who lets me go? It says that Pharaoh even accompanies the nation of Israel during the exodus from Egypt. That is to say, we have to go through various discernments in order to be ready for the exodus, and then we come out! Pharaoh holds us back only until we acquire forces and become ready.

When we break through the barrier of the spiritual world and pass the Machsom, it means that we have a desire and force for it, but if we don’t have the desire yet, then we cannot pass it. Therefore, Pharaoh only helps us with his opposition!

That is how we ascend above all the obstacles, and by virtue of that, we acquire the force of bestowal, opposition to egoism, the firmness of the screen, desire. We increase our desire and aspiration to spirituality. All the “anti-forces,” all the disturbances and suffering are revealed only in order to strengthen us and teach us.

That is how we should view every state we are in, any thought or sensation that naturally comes to us, knowing that it is precisely the place for our work. We do not contain anything at all that can be left as is, uncorrected.

First we reveal the degree of Hafetz Hesed (desiring only bestowal), ascending above our egoistic thoughts and desires and admitting that they are transgressions and mistakes; we reveal that everything comes from the one upper force, bestowal. Then we acquire the bonds of love, performing actions of reception for the sake of bestowal, and through them we start to attain what is called love.

In the end we ascend to a state called Keter, which does not belong to matter or anything that originates beneath it. It contains only the primordial cause of what happens below. Everything that happens beneath Keter until Malchut itself is necessary only in order to give Malchut the opportunity to ascend back and become similar to Keter.

Therefore, in the end we establish the same attitude to the Creator as He has to us, above our matter and everything taking place in us. Then we do not retain any connection to everything we went through, experienced, decided, did, or revealed, not from His end nor from ours.

All of this becomes absolutely canceled and only His initial, fundamental attitude to us and ours to Him is revealed. That means that we reveal everything only inside Keter, in the Light of love, when we have absolutely no care about any action or gift, whether we receive for the sake of bestowal or bestow for the sake of bestowal. All the differences disappear and everything merges in the attainment of unity.

Matter and the form of reception cease to exist because they were initially created by the Creator only in order to enable us to attain that original, primordial point with which the Creator began creation.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/11, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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