The Path To The Light Goes Through Evil

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsQuestion: I want to escape “from Egypt,” from my ego. How can I stay in this fear of not falling back into my egoistic desires once again? How can I build an ever stronger screen each time, capable of withstanding the immense pleasure of bestowal so that it does not turn to receiving once again?

Answer: Invest in the Light as much as possible. This means to invest in the connection with others since the Light is revealed in the connection between souls.

Once, we were in a completely different state. We were together in a system of a single soul where all of our souls were completely connected with each other, and the Light of Infinity filled them without any limits. This state was called the “world of Infinity,” one desire called “one soul” completely filled by the Light.

Afterward, this desire broke apart and scattered into small fragments like a plate that smashed into bits, and there was no connection at all between them. That is why all of the fulfillment which used to be in this “plate,” all of this Light, disappeared. If you glue this “plate” back together, you begin to feel the fulfillment in it.

The whole problem lies in the fact that there is no vessel (Kli) in which you can reveal the fulfillment. The Light is around the “plate,” but it cannot be revealed because there is no connection between its pieces, and they cannot hold the Light.

Therefore, all of our work lies in connection. I must be ready to unite with others, and then I will feel the Light which is revealed inside our unity.

How can I reach unity? Just the thought of it immediately strips me of any desire. Suppose it seems to me that I want to unite with others. Then, I begin to realize that my desire is completely not toward this. First of all, I have to reveal how broken apart I currently am, how far from unity with others. I do not want it, and I even hate it.

In this whole process, until the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun), we reveal how opposite we are to unity, how much we hate it, and how we are ready for anything but this. Even if we are already in the spiritual world, over the Machsom (the barrier separating us from spirituality), at each degree there are states (Klipot, shells) when you hate the Creator, unity, and the Light.

That is why the revelation of evil is a necessary and essential state at each stage. When I reveal the evil, it means that I join into it. I cannot see it from the side; I must completely submerge into it. I must feel it inside me, including Pharaoh, and Moshe (Moses), and the fight between them.

That is why our work consists only of attracting the Light that Reforms.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/10, “Perfection in Life”

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  1. Moses had to ascend to the top of the mountain to receive the Torah, Aaron could not make it that far…Might I ask you where the symbol of a mountain also appears with a man on top of it? 🙂 Moses faced the primordial evil, and thus knew what had to be done.

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