The Only Degree Of Your Freedom

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In mathematics, when analyzing a system with many unknowns, we make all parameters constant, leaving only one degree of freedom. Oftentimes, in man’s inner work we get the same feeling that you are looking in a number of directions: perception of reality, the group, the Creator; that is, there are too many "degrees of freedom," and it’s overly perplexing. Can I use the same principle as in mathematics and in the meantime only take into consideration the attitude towards the group?

Answer: In spiritual work it’s much easier. Even with all that infinite number of variables, we need to relate to a single Source and become included in Him. Let all these thousands of parameters change, while you remain inside the Creator, the sole cause of all that infinite number of changes.

If you attempt now to "freeze" reality, making it still in order to connect all of it together, it would forfeit the whole purpose of the spiritual work, degrading it to the level of dissecting events in the material world. Why do we need it?

We only need to know that from all the infinite number of changes, I should immediately establish contact with the Upper One, the Creator, and grasp Him. Let everything around me change even more, let the whole world swirl.

Despite and above it all, I have to hold on to Him even more strongly so that these changes will only strengthen our bond. There’s nothing else I need! I don’t have to learn anything about these changes. The moment I adhere to the Creator, I attain all the senses and mind, achieve the purpose of all the changes. So why should I get bogged down in them to begin with?

The sciences of our world are entering a crisis because they are going in the wrong direction. What are we wasting our time on: looking for yet another one of many thousands of particles, a search that has no end? The further we advance, the more and more entangled we get.

Let’s say they discover a new elementary particle which they were missing, only to find that it can be split into another thousand particles, and so on to infinity. It’s pure curiosity. Although in the final analysis each quest contains the search for the Upper One, the Creator.

But if we want to advance correctly, we need to find the cause of all that is happening. And it means that we must break through to a higher level. So I never concentrate on what is happening in this world. I must make only the actions that connect me to the Creator: Through the group, make some physical actions, but only in that direction.

On the level of this world we will never reveal anything higher than that. After all, what research tools do we have in the material world other than our earthly, animal intelligence? From the height of the animate level we explore the still and the vegetative degrees.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/5/11, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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  1. One idea with regards to descents is that descents happen precisely for us to overcome them and become closer to The Creator. One way of looking at this is because since we are all egoists, and our nature is to receive pleasure, we need to be able to transform what initially is negative into a positive; to turn ‘good and bad’ into ‘true and false’.

    The question; is the difference between our need to turn ‘good and bad’ into ‘true and false’ the same as The Creator’s desire to bestow and raise us to a corrected state at the speaking level?

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