The Group Is Built On Reciprocity

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsIn our work, there should be a clear division of categories:

1. Relationships between the friends in the group itself.

2. Relationships between the groups. We are physically connected within our group, and virtually with the other groups. This difference exists to this day. It won’t disappear until we find the inner connection between us, not virtual, not through the Internet, and not through other channels.

3. A person’s connection to family and the surrounding world.

First of all, we should pay attention to our interconnection in the group. If the group doesn’t achieve the correct interconnection, everything else fails.

Furthermore, we are people with families. Within the group, we should practice the following policy: It is desirable that each of the friends look after the others so that all of them have a normal, comfortable existence. In other words, I should make sure that my friends have decent family relations, as much as it is possible. After all, we live in a transition period, and a husband and wife may not share each other’s interests.

If a person falls into a descent, we must support him. But we should merely support, while he has to take care of himself. If he doesn’t, but rather falls to the hands of his friends: “Do with me as you please” (so to speak), then this is not a true member of the group.

Besides, we must ensure disciplined attendance of the lessons. If anyone has an opportunity, I advise visiting us for a week to see how it is done. An hour and a half before the lesson, students on duty start calling all the others to get them out of bed.

Some have to be personally delivered to the lesson. It can be very difficult to get up, almost impossible. During the time I was my teacher’s student, we had a few students who, before going to bed, tied a rope to their leg and threw the other end over the balcony so I could tug on it until the person woke up.

This kind of reciprocity is simply necessary! And only if a person is adamant, if he writes a statement refusing to comply, then you can leave him alone for a while. Yet later on, still remind him, bring him over, invite him to a dinner, and so forth.

We should understand human nature. A person is as he was made by the Creator. Hence, we should act accordingly.
From Lesson 2 in Moscow 1/16/10, “A Prayer of Many”

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