The Generation Determines Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe time when the wisdom of Kabbalah comes into circulation is not up to a Kabbalist. He receives a sign from Above as a revelation: rejection from the world to some degree and a striving to realize his mission.

These signs are absolutely clear, and he understands them since he lives in spiritual attainment. Due to the fact that he is connected with the upper force in the spiritual system, he sees how it arranges these conditions for him.

He does not pick the method either. There are no other methods; there is only one. However, in each generation, a new need arises, and hence a Kabbalist is able to explain more than was required previously.

The Kabbalists of past generations knew the entire method. Do you really think Moses or Rashbi weren’t familiar with it? Yet, they couldn’t express it openly, and that is why they wrote in a coded language.

In our generation, as Baal HaSulam informs us, a Kabbalist not only has the opportunity, but an obligation to reveal it. The generation has come that demands spiritual evolution. Hence, Kabbalists reveal it.

The type and degree of revelation are determined by the generation rather than by the Kabbalist because the need of the generation is what matters. For instance, if there were no students in front of me during the lesson and if I did not absorb their desires, I would have nothing to say. Even though I do have attainment, it wouldn’t get revealed or renewed.

Therefore, one on one with the camera, I can express some mundane things, but I can’t reveal anything new as we do during our daily lessons. This happens because a new desire awakens in the world every day, and through my students who are scattered around the world I feel the common need.

It includes all questions and desires such as the lack of perfection, striving to reveal the screens, the property of bestowal, and interconnection. The sensations of thousands of my students who are present at the lesson become concentrated within me, and I collect them as a mother who feels the need to feed her children. Then, as our studies go on, I see something new in the texts and my perception which didn’t exist before.

So it is every day, even if not everybody notices it. There is a reason the sages said, “from my students I learned most of all.” Why? This is because I receive desire from the students, which enables me to dig deeper into the matter of creation.
From Kabbalah for Beginners, “Who is a Kabbalist” 12/13/10

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