The Eternal Engine

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person will not be able to work for the sake of bestowal if he doesn’t receive an experience of its importance, which serves him as fuel for completing the following steps. We are founded on egoism in order not to perform any pointless actions. Egoism aims us at the actions that bring a reward, a benefit; otherwise, it won’t let us perform the next act.

In spirituality, egoism helps us to act solely in the direction of the goal if its importance is greater than egoism; and if it there isn’t a goal, egoism offers us its own and opposite one, thereby aiming us at the goal. This is why it is called “help against you”.

Hence, in each action, even the one which is highly prepared, after the action, we must care to gain even greater importance of the goal than before, to gain a satisfaction from advancing toward the goal. This will be the fuel for the next action.

This always makes us think: Why, for what purpose, and for whose benefit do we act?
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/10, “The Arvut

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