Receiving To Bestow

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere always has to be one goal before us: to come to equivalence, adhesion with the Creator. Adhesion is the complete correspondence of properties, when the force of bestowal rules within us.

Our matter, the desire for pleasure, doesn’t change while the method to employ it does: The desire for pleasures must be used to bestow. And to achieve this, we need to feel the desires of others. Only then do we discover that while receiving, we are able to bestow.

A spiritual action seems very odd and not like material acts. Only if we reveal a deep, powerful, mutual connection between us, uncovering the adhesion, camaraderie, guarantee, love, and reciprocity among us, can we interact like cogwheels in a unified system: Receiving what the other wants to give me, I thereby bestow to him.

It turns out the created beings only receive, but first they must disclose that they reside in mutual bestowal and express it exactly in this manner. How do we achieve this?

The Creator, the integral force of bestowal, is present among and within all. Therefore, if everyone nullifies himself and we, together, start desiring to bestow to Him, then by receiving from each other, we will indeed be able to bestow. In this case, nobody receives from the others, but rather all receive from the Creator. Yet there is a condition to it: While we receive from Him, we have to be one.

It can be likened to a mother who has many children and wishes to give love to all of them. When they are willing to maintain mutual guarantee and unity in order to love her back, when they are ready to receive her love only together because they are bonded with one another, then they delight her, and she is happy to bestow love to them, while they are happy to receive her gifts. Such receiving is considered to be absolute bestowal.

Obviously, the created beings cannot do much except prepare themselves, and they are not expected to do more. They only need to prepare the format in which they will receive the Creator’s abundance. They don’t practice bestowal as such, but they do bestow in intention. Having arranged receiving in such manner, they delight the Giver.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/2011, Writings of Rabash

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