Plant Yourself In Fertile Soil And You Will Grow

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person grows not by his own effort, but due to the influence of the environment. To achieve this, he has to interact with the group in an effective, spiritual manner.

A person wishes for the group to fertilize him with the love of others, closeness, and connection with all that lies outside of his egoism. He must view this “beyond-egoism” reality as more important than the “within-egoism” one.

Only after such calculation, when the environment becomes more important to me than I am, do I start absorbing its life forces, instead of locking the attention onto myself. And then, I start to grow.

This work is non-stop. There constantly emerge new Reshimot (spiritual informational genes, records), desires, and thoughts in a person. He has to be able to handle them every second, continuously returning to the analysis and realization of what really matters: externality or internality.

It is vital to cleave to the Kabbalistic texts, the teacher, and the group. As Kabbalists inform us, these instruments calibrate the person correctly, and then, with their assistance, he can rise above himself, above the calculation aimed for personal benefit.

Cultivating within the seed of bestowal, a person enters the “womb of the upper one,” places himself under its influence, and submits to its force, its program and purpose. As to one’s own thoughts and desires, they get nullified. This is the only way to evolve: like a seed in the ground and an embryo in the mother’s womb. One has to annul himself before the environment so it can affect him freely. This is the law of spiritual development.

Thus, gradually, we clarify for ourselves what the spiritual world is compared to the material one. We acquire an increasingly greater property of bestowal above our egoistic desire, get formed like an embryo, sprout like a seedling, and finally become a tree that will bear the fruit of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/21/2011, “Because Man Is the Tree of the Field”

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  1. Nothing is lost. The trick is not replacing one’s nature but expanding it. This was not created to be destroyed. It was created to grow unto completion. Every single negative thing in this world simply requires expansion. Even virons, viruses could become the guardians of life, maintaining the genome and telomers, and eventually bringing immortality, if only symbiosis could be achieved.

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