Pay Heed To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly when we start assembling the broken pieces of Adam HaRishon (the First Man) into one whole, do we begin to notice how everything that happened to us in this world starts falling into places in some miraculous way. All events, from the very unpleasant to more pleasant ones, important or not, unexplainable and seemingly accidental, become ordered and match the other pieces perfectly, to the smallest detail.

Then, we begin to understand the necessity of all the pressure and crisis that the world is going through today as well as the necessity of the painful states each person is experiencing in his individual life. All of this is designed solely to push every one of us toward his place, mission, and its correct realization. If only we heed what the Creator wishes to do with each of us, if we exercise “There is none else but Him,” welcoming Him to do His work on us and listening to Him, it will suffice.

But to hear Him, we must prepare for it with our actions, as described in “We shall do, and we shall hear” since to hear what the Creator is doing means to have reached the level of Bina (hearing is the level of Bina, a very exalted degree). Therefore, first, certain acts must be carried out, as standing at Mount Sinai is described: “We shall do, and we shall hear.”

We have to undergo the same process by striving to become closer to one another in the hearts, as one man with one heart, and to reach mutual guarantee by helping each other unite. After all, only together, yearning to connect all our points in the hearts, our desires, we are re-constructing this broken Kli (desire), assembling it from parts, and restoring it anew.
From Lesson 2, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/31/10

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